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NEL-Coils search coils

In the Benelux NEL-COILS.EU introduces proudly the search coils of NEL-Coils.

The NEL-Coils are search coil that can be used for nearly any metal detectors.

In Russia, Eastern Europe and the Americas the NEL-Coils are already an understanding. In these countries were made many beautiful and unique finds using the NEL-Coils. Some of these findings can be found on our site by clicking on the top menu "Finds". This page is updated regularly.

NEL-COILS.EU is a part of Fortika Company detection systems

Considering the fact there is great demand for stable, sensitive but above all search coils with more depth than the standard search coil we felt it important to sell these powerful search coils on our own search area. Some default search coils do not work well on difficult area. They have problems to keep quiet and give false signals or give an overload error. In this case the default search coil are too large for heavily soiled areas. Would you still like to use your detector in highly dirty area than NEL-Coils has smaller search coils. These NEL search coils make searching in this area very pleasant.

The search coils of NEL-Coils have better stability and sensitivity for heavily mineralized area. The search coils are lightweight but they also have a very strong construction.

There are several type NEL-Coils available from small to large, for different purposes, different gound composition and personal preference:

  • NEL Sharp: small, circle, 5 inch (13cm) in diameter
  • NEL Sharpshooter: oval, 9,5 inch x 5,5 inch (24 cm x 14 cm)
  • NEL Hunter: oval, greater depth, 12,5 inch x 8,5 inch (31,7 cm x 22 cm)
  • NEL Tornado: almost round, greater depth, 12 inch x 13 inch (30,5 cm x 33 cm)
  • NEL BIG: for more and more depth, 15 inch x 17 inch (38 cm x 45,7 cm)

Compared with the standard search coil the NEL Tornado search coil has averaged 30% more depth. The NEL BIG is recently on the market. This search coil is larger in diameter and goes one big step further than the NEL Tornado: 50% more depth.

Below an example of a NEL Tornado for the Fisher F2:

NEL Tornado for the Fisher F2    NEL-Coil NEL Tornado for Fisher F2

The Nel-Coils search coils are available for almost every brand and type of metal detectors.

NEL-Coils brings only new search coils on the market when they are sure that the search coil is an improvement compared with the standard search coil. This is also tested and evaluated by independent experts.

Fortika Company detection systems is the exclusive importer of NEL-Coils

From April 2012 Fortika Company detection systems become the exclusive importer / distributor of the NEL-Coils.

The NEL-Coils are thoroughly tested and approved by independent experts. All NEL-Coils are fully waterproof, they reduce the number of false signals, for example wet grass, are stable, have a better sensitivity and have more depth compared with the standard search coil. All NEL-Coils have 2 year warranty.


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